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Freya is a home refresh project that embraces new life – the beautiful birth of the couple’s baby. This once monochrome-themed home is now dressed in warm colours, and its formerly underutilised space has been transformed into a children play area.


Home to a young couple who enjoys regular hosting and entertaining, Adina welcomes each guest with an open and uncluttered living and dining space, allowing the open kitchen to take centre stage. Adina's minimalist interior is characterised by simplicity, clean lines and wooden textures. A dash of soothing blue accompanies its monochromatic palette.


Willow is a blend of warm earthy colours with natural and organic elements – such as plants and wood tones – that brings nature and autumn into the home. Full of life and culture, each carefully selected furniture and decorative piece introduces unique characteristics to the space. 


An overhaul renovation for a 20-year-old home, Dawn has been given a new look. Nostalgic and cosy, Dawn carries a modernised country cottage theme. Soft furnishings, and fresh and airy colours bring about a warm and comforting character to the home.


Private piano studio by day and home by night, this contemporary home is softly dazzling. The mirrors reflect the spacious legato of its living and dining room, while its classy furnishing accentuates the grandeur of its piano. In the kitchen, bold navy hues bounce in a staccato style; a refreshing counterpoint to the main living space.


Madison is a sleek, uptown studio apartment located at the heart of the city; with a style to magnetise new tenants. Using a mid-century, modern contemporary theme, furniture pieces were put together to convey a modern, sleek and timeless feel, while accentuating its uptown vibes.


Tudor Laurel is a re-branding project in collaboration with Author - a Singapore based branding and marketing firm. In line with the new branding direction from Author, Tudor Laurel has been revitalised as a botanical hideaway. The spa interior, which draws inspiration from the English colonial décor in Tudor Court and the lush greenery of Botanic Gardens.

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