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"It paints a vision as our client anticipates the birth of a new home."
- Berinda

Why we name our projects?

We believe names define.


Like how our names give us our identities, a name can call out the meaning and significance of a space. Each name carries a personal meaning which provides a sense of what it is.

“When I design a space for a client, I don’t want it to be called 321 Bedok Road, and I want to go beyond design terms like 'Scandinavian', 'Industrial' or 'Mid Century'.


I feel that it is more special to name the space according to its own character and remember the house based on its personality.

Believe it or not, we do take some time to come up with names that resonate with our clients! We once named a home 'Cathy' because the client’s home had an American influence and also because she loved Cath Kidson bags.

Like how studies have shown that when we speak good things to plants, they grow well – we believe your home is more than just a house, and giving it a name is calling forth what you envision it to be.”

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